Fee Structure

The schedule of fees for the exeter golf course are as follows. We welcome all interested players and associates and encourage them to visit the course. The best opportunity to visit and appreciate the full ambiance of the Exeter Golf Club, its members and facilities is during the weekend when the club is in full swing. The schedule of fees is structured to cater to almost any type of player or associate and is price competitive with comparable clubs through out Tasmania

Schedule of fees

Membership $525
1st year ( A new member not previously a member of Exeter Golf Club $425 (a saving of $100.00 in the first year) $425
6 Month membership starting and/or finishing with daylight saving ( Must be a member of a sporting club e.g. cricket or football) $290
student $82.50
junior under 18 ( First year-$30)

junior under 18 (second year $75)

social $20

 If you need further information or an application form contact the club using the contact form. Your enquiry will be attended to by a board member as soon as possible.